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Our Approach

We utilize a flexible, opportunistic investment strategy

We identify opportunities that present compelling relative value and meet the specific return and liquidity profiles of the vehicles we manage. We build investment portfolios through an integrated combination of fundamental research analysis, sophisticated trade and deal construction, and capital markets expertise.

  • $7.8 Billion
    in credit assets
  • 30+ Years
    of investing experience

Liquid Credit

Multi-Strategy Credit – Cross asset opportunistic credit hedge fund with dynamic management of asset composition and exposures

Collateralized Loan Obligations – Structured credit opportunities leveraging a long-stranding track record and applying an active trading approach

Senior Loans and High Yield – Nimble, directional strategies with income-orientated return profiles focused on event driven situations within constricted tranche sizes

Illiquid Credit

Drawdown vehicles focused on solution capital for companies in transition as well as capitalizing on persistent market driven dislocation opportunities.

Customized Solutions

Tactical single name co-investment opportunities in high conviction investments with excess capacity and tailored accounts.